Friday, October 16, 2009

Had a good experience at the V.A. Hospital...

as much as it's possible to Have a good experience when your loved one suddenly has major, unexpected surgery.

The cardiothoracic team that operated on my husband were all wonderful.

All of his nurses, in both ICU and the unit he moved to afterwards, were excellent.

and, the hospital's Voluntary Service's department also provided me with a room to stay in there at the hospital, for the 9 days we were there.which helped out a great deal.

Because we spent so many days up there, I spoke with some of the folks in Voluntary Services several times. and I'd like to pass on that they do accept, if you were interested in what they might need? here is some of the 'Wishlist' that Voluntary services gave me when I asked :

For Families

Personal care kits (including toothbrush,toothpaste, shampoo(small bottle),conditioner(small bottle),shave cream, razors, soap, deodorant, hand lotion

Phone cards

Gift certificates to area retail stores, grocery stores and restaurants

(that last would have helped out a Great the cafeteria for families was closed on the weekend and also the Monday holiday. Fortunately, I knew an 'Angel' [as in 'Soldiers Angel'] who very nicely spent part of her Saturday afternoon not only taking me to lunch, but also taking me by a grocery store to buy items I could keep and eat in my room. buying both my husband and I some other clothing to wear [since we hadn't packed for a 9 day stay,lol], and bringing me some 'SA' T-shirts to wear......thank you, "L' :)

so, anyway, if you get the urge to donate any of the above from the Wishlist ?

the address is:

Voluntary Services 135

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

50 Irving St. NW

Washington,DC 20422


for the 'lighter side' of our recent 'adventure', you can read a bit on my family blog
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