Monday, March 31, 2008

SSGT. Keith "Matt" Maupin .Fallen Hero Coming Home

In April of last year, Wednesday Hero profiled SSgt. Keith "Matt" Maupin who had went missing in Iraq in April of 2004. Sad news. SSg. Maupin's remains have been found.

DoD Announces Change in Status of Army Soldier
The Department of Defense today announced the change in status of a soldier supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom from missing-captured to deceased. The armed forces medical examiner confirmed on March 29, human remains recovered in Iraq were those of Staff Sgt. Keith M. Maupin, 24, of Batavia, Ohio. Maupin had been listed as missing-captured since April 16, 2004. His convoy came under attack by individuals using rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire on April 9, 2004. He was assigned to the 724th Transportation Company, Bartonville, Ill.

I have had SSGT. Maupin's picture on the sidebar of my main blog for quite awhile, and the link to the Yellow Ribbon Support Center that his parents have set up.

It is sadly now time to take Matt Maupin's picture down, but I will keep the link up.

Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers, as their hero finally comes home to be laid to rest.
The Patriot Guard Riders are standing by, to honor SSGT. Maupin
SSG Keith Matthew Maupin, 24, Batavia, OH

Godspeed, Matt.

And, as Matt Maupin comes home to be laid to rest, please remember that there are still 3 soldiers that continue to be listed as missing:

Three U.S. troops remain missing in the five-year-old Iraq war:

Pvt. Byron W. Fouty and

Spc. Alex R. Jimenez

have been missing since their military convoy was raided west of Mahmoudiya May 12.

Spc. Ahmed K. Altaie

disappeared October 23, 2006, and hisstatus was changed to "missing-captured" nearly two months later.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Father's Love

A picture of Tony sewing a neck cooler

one of many he'll be sewing for Dustin's platoon, on our new sewing machine that we got precisely so Tony could do this.

It's already getting up over 100 degrees in Iraq on some days, and it's not unusual for temps to be 120 to 130 degrees in the summer.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bad Voodoo's War on PBS Frontline April 1


(A picture of my Bad Voodoo platoon Don't want to see the whole shot,with Me in it, me :)

I've frequently spoken about JP Borda, of , and wanted to mention once again that his currently deployed platoon, The Bad Voodoo Platoon , will be featured on a PBS Frontline Special, airing April 1.

Bad Voodoo’s War on PBS FRONTLINE, April 1st

JP blogged some more about the upcoming special this morning

Making of FRONTLINE Bad Voodoo's War

and here's the link to the PBS webpage for Bad Voodoo's War

and then JP blogged his thoughts about the making of the film,here

My thoughts on the upcoming release of Bad Voodoo's War by JP Borda.

Please pass the word about this PBS Frontline Special!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My weekly 'surf' of the web for news by, and about, Soldiers Angels

(normally posted on Fridays...after being late posting this for two weeks in a row for various reasons? I'm determined to be Early with it at the end of This week!)

Homefront Six has the latest post on how the Vote for Patti is going:
Patti Bader is awesome AND in first place!

Soldiers Angels Texas posted about another Fallen Texas Hero
Dustin Cody Jackson - Fallen Texas Hero

and also posted a plea:
Soldiers' Angels Needs Your Help - Our Founders Request

Shelle Michaels at Soldiers Angels Network has So many posts, with so much information, that I'm just going to say 'Go there' and please check it all out!

Soldiers Angels Network

but I did want to particularly highlight This post over there
Lanstuhl receives 50,000th patient since 2003-

because it goes along with this post,from Soldiers Angels Germany
Ramstein CASF receives 50,000th patient since 2003

The most excellent Mrs. Greyhawk,of the Mudville Gazette and
that blog's " Dawn Patrol ' (which is a daily must-read ,IMHO)

finally posted her round-up from the Soldiers Angels Executive Conference

Mrs. Greyhawk links or posts several more of the interviews that Talking with Heroes Bob Calvert did with folks at the conference (which saves Me from linking them,lol, Thanks! Mrs. G :)

and two that she didn't link (because there were a Lot of interviews!!) are posted at NewsBlaze

Dee Jurge, Blankets of Hope Director, Wears Many Hats - and Wings

U.S. Wounded Support Services Director is An Angel to Soldiers

(and hey, I have Met Lynette, last year at the Face of America bike ride
which reminds me to tell y'all that the bike ride is coming up again! and they need volunteers again!

This year, they are Starting in MD and riding to Gettysburg. You can read more about the bike ride here

World T.E.A.M. Sports 2008 Face of America Bike Ride

Please consider volunteering! My daughter and I have volunteered again, and will be there along with Soldiers Angels! :)

Lastly, the Jawa Report is one of the many blogs that posted that

April is the Month of the Military Child

That's the Soldiers Angels Web Surf for this past week!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wednesday Heroes

This Weeks Hero Was Suggested by Kathi

Soldiers' Angels Living Legends Team
Soldiers' Angels Living Legends Team
May No Soldier Go Unloved

Living Legends began in May 2005 with a very small team of seven dedicated angels. The team's mission was to let the families and friends of fallen heroes know that we were here to support them and to honor their loved one. At the same time, they had to make sure that they were sensitive to what the family was going through. While this team has grown tremendously, they have worked very hard to maintain that same level of dedication and sensitivity. This team is staffed with trained volunteers who carry out a very difficult mission for Soldiers' Angels. Due to their dedication, Soldiers' Angels is able to honor those heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and to pay their respects and offer their deepest sympathies to the families and loved ones grieving the painful loss of their son or daughter; husband or wife; brother or sister; mom or dad; aunt or uncle; their friend.

For more information on the Soldiers' Angels Living Legends Team, you can visit their site.

Sometimes a hero is one who sacrifices everything in their life to help others. And sometimes a hero is one who sacrifices nothing more than their time.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My "usually posted on Fridays" feature....(late again, sorry!)....of news by, and about Soldiers Angels out in the blogosphere.

(My husband and I went on a short trip this past weekend to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ....which, sadly, was kind of disappointing, not at all what we had hoped/expected....and also to the Pro Football Hall of Fame ,which we enjoyed visiting a lot more :) and I ran out of time before I left, to get the 'SA web surf' posted!

btw, I just realized I've been posting these for almost a year'll be a year in May, I found my very first Soldiers Angels Web Surf post back here on May 18,2007.)

On to the 'surf' :)

First of all, I hope you're still Voting for Patti in the teleflora America's Favorite Mom contest, for Most Inspirational Mom....she's in First Place right now,Hurray! (and Keep Voting,to keep her there, once a day until March 31 :)

Congratulations! are in order for Angel Roger, of Soldiers Angels-Medical Support , who recently won a "Hometown Hero" award, you can read about it here and if you scroll down the article it says:

"Vietnam veteran Roger Godskesen of Geneva won the military award for heading a team through the organization Soldiers' Angels, which gets supplies to soldiers overseas."

(and that's why Roger's blog Soldiers Angels-Medical Support is the "SA Featured Blog of the Week" this week :)

Several postings about Veterans, and what you can do through Soldiers Angels to help:

From Knee Deep in the Hooah! A new decoration? No, much more than that

and here's the new website for Soldiers' Angels Veteran Support

Another New Website
Speaking of new websites? here's the new website for Soldiers Angels of Alabama

A German-American Friendship Bracelet posts Soldiers` Angels visit wounded heroes at Landstuhl Fisher House

and Aunty Brat at Tanker Brothers tells about Random Easter story!

News Blaze and Talking with Heroes has several more interviews from the Soldiers Angels Executive Conference

Soldiers Angels Network tells us about Wounded Hero Recognized (and that's my fellow Soldiers Angels Living Legends team member in that picture! Terri Rager,who also works with Silver Star Families of America )

and gives us Soldiers' Angels Information that you can share

Soldiers Angels Louisiana had a number of great stories!
Girl Scout Girl fest and Soldiers’ Angels

and there have been a number of Fallen Heroes the past few weeks, Life in the Northeast posted her "Remember..." posts both last Sunday and just yesterday

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families of the fallen.

Coming back from our trip, driving through a back road in West Virginia, we came across This, on a hillside:


The number,sadly, is already out of date, with several more soldiers killed over the weekend. And the smaller sign says "Our Honored Dead". But, I wanted to share this picture.....someone went to a greatdeal of time to plant these crosses, and maintain this, never knowing who would see it as they passed by. I don't know, nor really care, whether this person is 'pro' or 'anti' war? I was just moved to see that someone took the time to honor, and remember ,our Fallen.
This concludes my Soldiers Angels Web Surf for the week ending March 23.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5 Years of War, and Milblogs

I came across a great round-up of what's out in the blogosphere about the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war from Lt. Nixon Rants:

Tuesdaze Bloggin' Roundup of Iraq (18 Mar)

and then (because my entire week has been a jumble, and so I'm behind on my milblog reading) came across this post from Monday over at

Milblogs in the News: Five years later: Iraq war goes online

which just cracked me up, because I've been reading milblogs for at least Four years now, and USA Today is just now apparently catching on that they're out there? Snort.

But, that second post Did kind of send me down 'memory lane', back to the early days of my discovery of milblogs.

When I first came across some snarky soldier named JP who was blogging from Afghanistan (on a now defunct and lost -forever- in -the -mists -of -time- blog),and later started (a site USA Today is apparently Unaware of,lol:)

Now, he's also going to be a 'TV star' (watch out, Chuck Norris :) as it says over on The Sandbox (another site that USA Today didn't seem to realize was out there)

And I marveled, that some people are just now catching on to Milblogs, when reading them has taken me on such a journey these past 4 years

......from my commenting on JP's first blog, to his becoming a friend these past few years. From celebrating when he got home from Afghanistan, and when he and his wife had their second gearing up with the other 'fans of JP', to send what support we could to he and his platoon as they deployed to Iraq.

I then thought about some of the Other bloggers that I first found 'way back when'.....Sean, over at Doc in the Box , who is now,Holy Cow! on his Fourth deployment! (and whom I've actually Met in person :)

Sonny, at Hokie.Us , who was deployed to Afghanistan back when JP was, and is now Also deployed a second time,to Iraq.

Chuck, from From My Position...On the Way! who was wounded in Iraq, and became the catalyst for the Soldiers Angels Valour IT program The Power of the Internet and People Working Together

These soldiers have all continued blogging since I first came across their blogs.

There were also some great milbloggers back then who have since disappeared .. They were deployed, wrote some powerful posts, and then came home and gave up blogging when they got back to 'real life'.

But there are others stepping forward to continue the the previously mentioned Lt. Nixon Rants

and another great milblogger at Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal

Even though I think it's ironic that a major newspaper would write a story about Milblogs as if they were something fresh and new, when they've been around for just as long as the War(s) in Iraq and Afghanistan have been going on.....I'm still glad that Milblogs are finally getting some attention in the 'main stream media'.

Because reading the stories of those fighting these wars is, IMHO, important.

So, why not take some time to drop by and The Sandbox , and see what these soldiers are saying?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wednesday Hero

Spc. Monica Lin Brown
Spc. Monica Lin Brown
19 years old from Lake Jackson, Texas
4th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team

Army Spc. Monica Lin Brown has done something only a very few female soldiers in American history have ever done. She's been awarded the Silver Star.

Brown saved the lives of fellow soldiers after a roadside bomb tore through a convoy of Humvees in the eastern Paktia province of Afghanistan in April 2007. "I did not really think about anything except for getting the guys to a safer location and getting them taken care of and getting them out of there."

"We stopped the convoy. I opened up my door and grabbed my aid bag," Brown said.

She started running toward the burning vehicle as insurgents opened fire. All five wounded soldiers had scrambled out.

"I assessed the patients to see how bad they were. We tried to move them to a safer location because we were still receiving incoming fire," Brown said. "So we dragged them for 100 or 200 meters, got them away from the Humvee a little bit," she said. "I was in a kind of a robot-mode, did not think about much but getting the guys taken care of."

For Brown, who knew all five wounded soldiers, it became a race to get them all to a safer location. Eventually, they moved the wounded some 500 yards away and treated them on site before putting them on a helicopter for evacuation.

"I did not really have time to be scared," Brown said. "Running back to the vehicle, I was nervous (since) I did not know how badly the guys were injured. That was scary."

The military said Brown's "bravery, unselfish actions and medical aid rendered under fire saved the lives of her comrades and represents the finest traditions of heroism in combat."

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My weekly 'surf' of the blogosphere for news by, and about, Soldiers Angels (a little late this week,sorry! 'real life' was hectic!)

I've got Tons of stuff to pass on this week,yay :)

But First....Have you Voted for Patti today? Don't forget! :) She's moved up to third place, all of you Rock! (and now let's head for First Every Day, until March 31! :) As View From the 8th Floor says Your Mom Will Understand.Really.

Tanker Brothers has two good posts, the first is Marines Need You! and then dear Aunty Brat also has a special relationship-a dog story! as a rebuttal to that awful story making the rounds about the video of a Marine throwing a dog off a cliff.

Soldiers Angels Louisiana reports the Big Easy Cafe Drive a Huge Success

and Greta is busy again Today, with BSM,SA, & The Girl Scouts (former Girl Scout myself,here, this Rocks too :)

To give the Boy Scouts equal time? Soldiers Angels Medical Support has this
Another Eagle Scout Assists the Wounded

Greta also posts, over at Hooah Wife and Friends, about Send Free Letters Through March

Keep My Soldier Safe a/k/a G.R.I.T.S. links to the Robert Stokely Interview from the Soldiers Angels Executive conference a few weeks ago.

From Texas: Congressman Poe Collects Cards for U.S. Military (Soldiers Angels was involved with that!)

and Soldiers Angels Texas reports that a
Dallas Area Photographer Finds Unique Way to Thank Our Military

Soldiers Angels' New York (which is this week's Featured SA blog ) posts on the Soldiers Angels Museum

and you can see more about the Museum Here

Shelle Michaels posts Soldiers Angels Encourages Support for a Memorial Dream over at "the campus PRofessionals"

and also a link to the Glenn Beck Interview of Patti

Soldiers Angels Network also linked to my last week's SA Web Surf ,Wow! Thank You!!! :)(over at my 'main blog')

and then links This news story McPherson Sentinal's Sentinet-News about a Witchita,KS band named "Seasons After" which is playing a benefit concert Today, with a majority of the proceeds going to Soldiers Angels! Yay:) You can find the band's MySpace profile Here

I wanted to give a Shout Out to the Newest 'Bama CTL (community team leader), and I'll keep my eye out for the web site she's setting up:)

and also say hello to a New Angel here and to another blogger who mentions she's also an Angel, here

Lastly, as she does every Sunday, Life in the Northeast tells us to Remember...

And thus ends my weekly Soldiers Angels Web Surf for this past week

Stuff from my Inbox-Playing Catch Up

Work and Life this past week just seem to have conspired to limit my computer time,lol, so I have numerous odds and ends that I wanted to pass on, and am just now finding the time to do so.

First of all, it looks like I Won't be able to attend the 2008 Milblog Conference this year,darn. It won't be held in DC, but will be in Las Vegas, and JP of announced it on March 8th (so you can see how far behind I am on getting news out,lol:)

Breaking News: Milblog Conference 2008 Sneak Peek

For more from JP, his platoon will be featured on PBS Frontline on April 1, Wow!

Bad Voodoo’s War on PBS FRONTLINE, April 1st

A Fellow Soldiers Angel member and friend up in CT does a great job of passing things on to me, particularly to do with ,and she sent me this story that is posted also at this News Link on Anysoldier (scroll down the page):

" Hello everyone, this is Taylor Batten. How are you doing? I am ok, a bit sick but nothing I can't handle.

I need your help please. I am trying to get emails and cards for veterans and when I get them all, I am going to take them to local nursing homes and then the VA nursing homes and deliver them to our veterans. It doesn't have to be a holiday or Veteran's Day to say thank you to a veteran does it? I don't think so and I want our veterans to know they are appreciated. Especially our older veterans in the homes, they might not get many visitors and might not feel like they are loved. Can you help me? You can send an email back to me marked VETERAN and then we will print it out. I will cross out your email address if you want to. Or you can send a card marked VETERAN in care of Taylor Batten and I will not open the card but take it to the homes and let the veterans open them. Also if you can, pass this around to anyone you know that you might think will help me.

My email address is and the address to send cards to is:

VETERAN in care of Taylor Batten
PO Box 350
Mendon, MI 49072

I will be collecting for a couple of weeks to make sure I get them all. Thank you very much if you can help me! And remember, pass this on to other people if you think they can help. It is our duty to make sure our veterans know they are appreciated and this is one way I can do that.

Thank you,

GySgt. Taylor Batten"

The 'back story' on Taylor Batten, for any of you who don't know it, can be found at One Marine's View Here

and then I also found a link to a mention of her here, she was one of the winners of the
2007 STAR Awards

The Sharing Time And Resources (STAR) Awards recognize outstanding volunteers who exemplify the essence of volunteerism. Each year, individuals and groups from the Kalamazoo County area are recognized for their volunteerism during the year.

(hey, I grew up right outside of Kalamazoo!!)

And, here on the list of winners , it had This to say about Taylor:

Taylor Batten

At 13 years old, Taylor Batten has dedicated her time to showing U.S. military personnel that she supports them. The Three Rivers teen, winner of this year's Youth Volunteer STAR Award, sends cards, letters, e-mail messages and care packages to soldiers who are stationed overseas. She attends the funerals of fallen soldiers as a member of the Patriot Guard Riders. She has visited wounded Marines at the national Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. Recently, Taylor held a blanket drive for the troops in Iraq and collected nearly 150 blankets to ship out. “It just popped into my mind that really anything that the troops get from home helps out a lot with their psychological well-being, and, believe it or not, it gets really cold out there,” said the Mendon Junior High School student. “It was just a good idea and it was fun to do.”
With all of her volunteer activities, Taylor does not seem to be a typical 13-year-old girl. Her health problems also set her apart. She has Turner syndrome, a chromosomal condition characterized by a partially or completely missing second sex chromosome. As a result of her condition, Taylor has impaired visual-spatial functioning, chronic-fatigue syndrome and scoliosis, has had a number of sinus surgeries and heart surgery, and is very small for her age. The STAR Award is not the first time Taylor has been honored for her efforts. In October, she was named an honorary U.S. Marine Private First Class and an honorary state-ride captain for the Patriot Guard Riders. That December, she was promoted to honorary U.S. Marine Sergeant. Her volunteer activities have not been limited by her illness. She said she draws on her Marine courage to deal with it. “It's always been in me that I want to do something,” she said. “The Marine Corps motto is honor, courage and commitment. I feel that I need to keep up with that and do everything I can. I just feel like it's the right thing to do.” Currently, Taylor is raising money for Hope for the Warriors, an organization that collects money to help wounded military members and their families. Her health condition prohibits her from ever joining the Marines as an active member, but by volunteering for a cause she loves, Taylor can still be involved, said her mother and nominator, Cathy Batten. “She's looking outside of herself,” her mother said. “All this help that she's doing, she's helping others, but in the long run we think it's helping her.” By Emily Monacelli - Special to the Gazette

A very special young lady, can't you please help her help our veterans? and send her an email or card to pass along?
CT Soldiers Angel also sent me This interesting link

Click here: Running Across America For Jesus - Home Page

about a Marine Vietnam Veteran

and,finally, here's another book to add to my list of books I want to read (in all my spare time?lol:)

Reaching Past the Wire: A Nurse at Abu Ghraib by Deanna Germain and Connie Lounsbury

so,now, I'm off to work on my Soldiers Angels Web Surfing post, late again! for that one,too!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wednesday Hero

Sgt. Steve Morin Jr.
Sgt. Steve Morin Jr.
34 years old from Arlington, Texas
111th Engineer Battalion, 36th Infantry Division, Texas Army National Guard
September 28, 2005

From the time he finished high school, Sgt. Steve Morin Jr. made serving in the military his career.

"He always stood up for what he thought was right," Gwendolyn Michelle Morin, his wife, said. "He was a fighter. He would never give up." "He had called me to let me know what he was going to do that day," she said. He expected to be able to call her more often because of the missions he was being assigned. Sometimes they would go 11 or 12 days between calls.

Morin enlisted in the Navy after graduating high school in his hometown of Brownfield, Texas at 17. By 34, Morin had devoted 14 years to the Navy, served in the National Guard for two and planned to attend Officers Candidate School. Morin was still in the Navy when he met his wife. At the time, the two were working for a photo company; he was Santa Claus and she was an elf, she said. Both were attending Texas Tech University. "It was funny because we always kept running into each other. He would hang outside my classes and wait for me with a Diet Coke," recalled Gwendolyn. "He knew how to make me really happy."

Sgt. Morin died when an IED went off, overturning the vehicle he was riding in near Umm Qasr, Iraq.

"He's very strong willed, very determined. Humorous, a clown, but he was also very disciplined and very passionate about what he believed in," Gwendolyn Morin said. "He always wanted to serve his country."

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Have you Voted Today?

Here's the page where you can VOTE FOR PATTI

Let's get Patti to the Top:)

America's Favorite Mom

Sunday, March 09, 2008

America's Favorite Mom~Vote for Patti this month for America's Most Inspirational Mom

Patti Patton-Bader, the founder of Soldiers Angels , has been entered by her oldest son,Brandon, in the America's Favorite Mom Contest which is actually a series of contests, and this month the contest is for " America's Most Inspirational Mom "

with voting going on online from March 1-March 31. It's free to register to vote, and you can vote once a day, every day until March 31. (and hey! there's weekly drawings for $100 to go to 'registered users' every week, yet Another reason to go vote for Patti every day, You could be a winner,also!!:)

Here's more about the contests

teleflora presents America's Favorite Mom

and here's the page where you can VOTE FOR PATTI

So, please go vote....every day...until March 31 !

Also, I got word that there is going to be an interview with Patti

In My Pajamas Show
Tuesday, March 11, 20089 a.m. EST 6 a.m. PST

and it will air on blogtalkradio

Friday, March 07, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My weekly 'surf' of the web for posts by, and about, Soldiers Angels

Holly Aho is one the many Angels passing on the news that Patti Bader, the founder of Soldiers Angels, has been nominated by her son,Brandon, in a contest for

America's Favorite Mom-Vote for Patti Bader!

(and Holly is the SA 'Blog-Mother' of so many blogging Angels....her blog is my Featured Blog of the Week this week :)

Holly is also one of the people interviewed on the Second Talking with Heroes interview from the SA Executive conference Feb.21-23, Bob from Talking With Heroes says : "Those interviewed: Blake Powers (Laughing Wolf), Holly Aho, Lynette Ronkin, Debby Frerich, Dee Jerge

The next two of the four one hour programs of interviews will air the nights of March 23rd and March 30th."

Greta of Soldiers Angels Louisiana (among her many blogs:) is busy,busy,busy tonight! with the Big Easy Cafe Drive' This Friday Night ,here's the Big Easy Cafe Wishlist , and the Big Easy Cafe Project is also in the Times-Picayune ! Wishing that project Lots of Luck!! :)

A big Welcome! to the 'just getting started" Soldiers Angels' of Alabama !

Soldiers Angels Texas has a DFW Meet and Greet ...TOMORROW,March 8th! and they are also having a Texas Garden Flag Contest

My apologies to Tanker Brothers, I'm late in passing on Aunty Brat's post For Ellicia Reid has thus far raised $800.00 towards his goal of $1800.00, as of this posting.

Willie at A German-American Friendship Bracelet blogged about Money for Soldiers Angels and the follow up to that is that $10,000.00 was raised!! Woo Hoo! as reported in part of an article Here (and my husband particularly enjoyed the bikini contest photo,LOL:)

Butterfly Wife is still sending cards

Tennessee Soldiers Angels VA Team posted about National Hospitalized Veteran Salute Week (and also check their Upcoming Events on their sidebar!)

View From the 8th Floor reports on : Y'all,this is cool: The Resolve to Win March from SC to DC

Homefront Six picked up some Blankets for Afghanistan and then says Well,poo (which sounds So much like something I would say,LOL.....anyone got any ideas to help her out?)

A fellow Soldiers Angel on MySpace has a great post up about Free Mail (mail that you receive from someone deployed) and, speaking of MySpace, it's not specifically SA-related, but have you seen this?

On March 10th, 2008 Operation MySpace will bring the troops in Kuwait and all of MySpace a LIVE show in Kulabyte HD that they’ll never forget. Disturbed, Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Simpson, Filter, Carlos Mencia, Metal Sanaz, DJ Z-Trip AND MORE will all be a part of this spectacular event that will be streamed LIVE only on MySpace at 11:00AM PST / 2:00 PM EST at

Lastly, as always, Life in the Northeast posted this past Sunday for us to

That's the 'surf' for this past week!

Happy Birthday, Sis :)

Happy 37th, to my youngest sis! :)

Tracy blogged about her birthday here

and her husband Adam had a great post here

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday Heroes

Chief Warrant Officer Mark O'SteenChief Warrant Officer Thomas GibbonsStaff Sgt. Daniel L. Kisling Jr.SSgt. Gregory M. Frampton

Pictured Left to Right
Chief Warrant Officer Mark O'Steen, 43 years old from Ozark, Alabama
Chief Warrant Officer Thomas Gibbons, 31 years old from Prince Frederick, Maryland
Staff Sgt. Daniel L. Kisling Jr., 31 years old from Neosho, Missouri
SSgt. Gregory M. Frampton, 37 years old from Fresno, California

1st Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regimen
January 30, 2003

"They succeeded where lesser men failed," said Chaplain Robert Glazener. "They proved themselves in ways that men out there who never served, never volunteered, never sacrificed, would never understand. They sought neither glory nor special recognition, but they gained both by their actions. They are the true American heroes today and deserve more honor than we can humbly bestow on them."

The helicopter carrying the men went down seven miles east of the Bagram Air Base while on a training mission.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Soldiers Angels Wounded TLC Team Leader

Having featured my Soldiers Angels Letter Writing Team Leader and having written about A Year With the Soldiers Angels Living Legends Team ,

I was finally able to get Elaine, my Soldiers Angels Wounded TLC Team Leader, to send me a short summary of how She got involved with the Wounded TLC team and a little bit about herself :)

So here, in her own words, is Elaine :

In March of 2004 after clicking on a link from a joke list at Ernie himself is a vet and a big supporter of the troops and at the time I was annoyed at our media and their portrayal of our troops. I did not want to just sit back and not do anything. Little did I know how one little click could change your future. That little click opened up a whole new world that I knew absolutely nothing about. I had never been around anyone in the military and today I can tell you the orders of rank, what abbreviations stand for and the major zipcodes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In November 2004 the
Wounded TLC Team was started and I volunteered to help get our wounded requests out to the team. We had a dozen angels and 4 names of soldiers that had been hurt that we sent mail to. The team has since evolved from just sending mail to helping provide laptops with the Valour IT program, helping families with their needs that come up when dealing with catastrophic injuries, and providing needed items to the Combat Support Hospitals overseas. Our team also works hand-in-hand with the Blankets of Hope project getting blankets to our soldiers as well as a first response backpack for the soldiers arriving at the hospitals with nothing but what they shipped out of Iraq with. Sometimes that consists of a partial uniform and that's it!

In 2006 what we were doing was made a little more personal for me. A lady that my husband worked with asked about a box set up to collect goodies for the soldiers that I was sending overseas and she told him, "I know you guys, my nephew arrived in Germany and got one of your backpacks all he had was a his shirt!" I'm not in a major metropolis I'm about 2 hours south of St. Louis in a small town but everything we were doing was made really clear!

And with all those other projects the
Wounded TLC team itself has grown in leaps and bounds. We have over 1100 team members from across the United States and across the world. We send well over 5,000 cards a month to wounded soldiers/veterans and cards in bulk to be distributed to our wounded in the hospitals overseas. In March the team sent mail to over 100 wounded heroes just to let them know they are not forgotten.

It has been amazing and something I'm so proud to have become a part of these past few years. I have seen complete strangers just step up and help because someone says, "I need you." It is a constant reminder of the good that is out there! I'm proud to be part of
Soldiers Angels, and so happy that I can be a small help to one person out there who needs a smile or two.

Thank you,Elaine, for all that you do for the Wounded TLC Team, and for our wounded soldiers, and their families!

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My weekly ’surf’ of the web, for news by and about Soldiers Angels

Soldiers Angels Germany asks us Let’s Show the Sky Soldiers some love

and Soldiers Angels Louisiana is looking for some Angel help

Tanker Brothers posted about Jeremy’s House

A Soldiers Angel at Ballseye’s Boomers wrote Tour of Duty-Almost Complete

Affectioknit had a contest to guess what this photo was, and the correct answer was a package headed to Afghanistan for a soldier adopted through Soldiers Angels

and Life in the Northeast, who posts Remember… every Sunday, has completed
a book! Congratulations!

And now, for the posts I’ve found about the Soldiers Angels Executive conference that was held Feb. 21-23 in Pasadena….. has a Link to listen to the initial interview with key Soldiers Angels Leaders.
(and you’ll see at that link that there are 3 more hours of taped interviews that will be airing in March.)

Aunty Brat at Tanker Brothers blogged Here about her experience, Soldiers Angels New York blogged Here about it, and Laughing Wolf blogged Here

and Greta has 15 pictures taken at the conference and the Soldiers Angels museum Here
(and that link can be found, along with a video you should watch, on Hooah Wife )

If you have a post or link about the Conference that I missed? Please send me an email at and I’ll add it to this list!

That’s my ’surf’ for Soldiers Angels news this past week

I would like to add that when Greta got back from the conference, she emailed and asked me if I had a listing of blogs by members of Soldiers Angels? And I’ve been slowly compiling a list for about the past year, here at Blogs By Members of Soldiers Angels

It’s by No means a definitive list and,my apologies, it’s somewhat disorganized….I just add blogs to the list as I come across them, in hindsight perhaps not the most efficient method?LOL.

However, if you’re a blogging Soldiers Angel, and you Don’t see your blog listed? Please send me an email with your link, and I’ll add it!