Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bad Voodoo's War on PBS Frontline April 1


(A picture of my Bad Voodoo platoon Don't want to see the whole shot,with Me in it, me :)

I've frequently spoken about JP Borda, of , and wanted to mention once again that his currently deployed platoon, The Bad Voodoo Platoon , will be featured on a PBS Frontline Special, airing April 1.

Bad Voodoo’s War on PBS FRONTLINE, April 1st

JP blogged some more about the upcoming special this morning

Making of FRONTLINE Bad Voodoo's War

and here's the link to the PBS webpage for Bad Voodoo's War

and then JP blogged his thoughts about the making of the film,here

My thoughts on the upcoming release of Bad Voodoo's War by JP Borda.

Please pass the word about this PBS Frontline Special!

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