Monday, March 24, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My "usually posted on Fridays" feature....(late again, sorry!)....of news by, and about Soldiers Angels out in the blogosphere.

(My husband and I went on a short trip this past weekend to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ....which, sadly, was kind of disappointing, not at all what we had hoped/expected....and also to the Pro Football Hall of Fame ,which we enjoyed visiting a lot more :) and I ran out of time before I left, to get the 'SA web surf' posted!

btw, I just realized I've been posting these for almost a year'll be a year in May, I found my very first Soldiers Angels Web Surf post back here on May 18,2007.)

On to the 'surf' :)

First of all, I hope you're still Voting for Patti in the teleflora America's Favorite Mom contest, for Most Inspirational Mom....she's in First Place right now,Hurray! (and Keep Voting,to keep her there, once a day until March 31 :)

Congratulations! are in order for Angel Roger, of Soldiers Angels-Medical Support , who recently won a "Hometown Hero" award, you can read about it here and if you scroll down the article it says:

"Vietnam veteran Roger Godskesen of Geneva won the military award for heading a team through the organization Soldiers' Angels, which gets supplies to soldiers overseas."

(and that's why Roger's blog Soldiers Angels-Medical Support is the "SA Featured Blog of the Week" this week :)

Several postings about Veterans, and what you can do through Soldiers Angels to help:

From Knee Deep in the Hooah! A new decoration? No, much more than that

and here's the new website for Soldiers' Angels Veteran Support

Another New Website
Speaking of new websites? here's the new website for Soldiers Angels of Alabama

A German-American Friendship Bracelet posts Soldiers` Angels visit wounded heroes at Landstuhl Fisher House

and Aunty Brat at Tanker Brothers tells about Random Easter story!

News Blaze and Talking with Heroes has several more interviews from the Soldiers Angels Executive Conference

Soldiers Angels Network tells us about Wounded Hero Recognized (and that's my fellow Soldiers Angels Living Legends team member in that picture! Terri Rager,who also works with Silver Star Families of America )

and gives us Soldiers' Angels Information that you can share

Soldiers Angels Louisiana had a number of great stories!
Girl Scout Girl fest and Soldiers’ Angels

and there have been a number of Fallen Heroes the past few weeks, Life in the Northeast posted her "Remember..." posts both last Sunday and just yesterday

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families of the fallen.

Coming back from our trip, driving through a back road in West Virginia, we came across This, on a hillside:


The number,sadly, is already out of date, with several more soldiers killed over the weekend. And the smaller sign says "Our Honored Dead". But, I wanted to share this picture.....someone went to a greatdeal of time to plant these crosses, and maintain this, never knowing who would see it as they passed by. I don't know, nor really care, whether this person is 'pro' or 'anti' war? I was just moved to see that someone took the time to honor, and remember ,our Fallen.
This concludes my Soldiers Angels Web Surf for the week ending March 23.
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