Friday, February 19, 2010

Remembering those who served on the USS Pamanset in WW II

In June of 2006, I posted (on the first incarnation of this blog)

Some of My Family History, Grandad in WW II

about my grandfather, Donald McNulty's, service aboard the USS Pamanset in WW II.

Today, I received in the mail an article about one of his shipmates

Carbon Hill Veteran Honors Lost Shipmates

Thank you, Mr. Johnson, for remembering all those who served aboard the USS Pamanset.

Mr. Johnson sent me a picture he had of my Grandad aboard the Pamanset, after I had posted about my Grandad's service, and my mother also sent me the picture of the ship that she had inherited from Grandad, I posted those pictures Here in 2008.
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