Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why I love the Internet :)

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I'm going to be having some surgery this coming Friday the 16th, and as I emailed people today to start letting them know that I'd probably be incommunicado online for awhile....I was overwhelmed with the responses coming back saying 'we'll be praying for you", "you'll be in our thoughts", "wishing you a speedy recovery"

I know I Shouldn't have been overwhelmed, as some of these people I've 'known' online for 6 years or longer, some I've met in person even :) and I know a great many of them are 'praying' folks, and compassionate and supportive folks.

But I can't tell you how much of a relief it felt, to know that I'll be surrounded by such a 'net' of prayers and good wishes..my surgery was originally scheduled for the 29th, but because of some problems that arose with me the past few days, it got bumped up to this Friday. still a little startled by that, the doc gives you a surgery date and you plan a lot of things around that date..like I had really wanted to tell the residents on my floor that I'd be going out for a month or more of recovery after my surgery..these are folks that I care for, along with a great team of co-workers, to (I hope) the best of my ability 40 hours or more every week, and I also care About each and every one of them,too, and also care about my coworkers. I know that so many of my residents were like 'we missed you!' when I was gone for a week's vacation on the camping trip in July..

and so I just wanted to extend them that courtesy and reassurance 'hey, I'll be gone for some surgery and recovery,I'll miss you guys, but I'll be back"...

but instead, I ended up leaving work kind of quickly yesterday, and barely had a chance to say anything to Anyone..and then came to the realization today after talking to my doctor again that I wouldn't be able to make it back in to work again before the surgery on Friday.

so, that's that. Life just happens like that sometimes, and your plans get changed suddenly... I actually think I will feel So much better After this surgery is behind me..... but it lifted my spirits so much, to know that so many caring friends and family will be keeping me in their thoughts and prayers!

Thanks, everyone :) hugs and love and hope to be back soon! :)
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