Sunday, November 13, 2011

Surfing the Web..

Another post where I provide links from my own 'surfing' of the World Wide Web, for you to check out.

Because I've recently been watching 50 Documentaries to see before you die
I was pleased to see that Charlie Sherpa at Red Bull Rising posted
Film Fest: 8 Docs about War in Afghanistan recently posted how to
Search for first hand accounts from Veterans

Airman Mom introduces her daughter-in-law's blog  MamaWifeAirman

I missed a recent sad anniversary, but Operation Ward 57 remembered
Two Years Later Remembering Those Fallen at Fort Hood   

and Consul at Arms II  directs us to  this post at the Foreign Policy Research Institute
Hasan and the Fort Hood Tragedy: For the U.S. Armed Forces

  Paul Franklin weighs in with Islam in the United States and in the US Military

Off the Base sends us to the links for the NPR Story on Marines of the 3/5 "Darkhorse"

Over at the Sandbox , Garrett Phillip Anderson shares his thoughts about pulling out of Iraq
One for Ten

while With a Bible in my Ruck posts about preparing to deploy to Afghanistan
The Jury's Still Out

Lastly, via Blackfive,  a Gold Star Father (and one of the finest gentleman I've had the privilege to meet) shares the story of his attempt to visit the spot where his son fell in Iraq
108 Hours: A Thank You and Mission Complete

Well, that's the 'surf'! Until next time!

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