Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Surfing the Web..

Time for the last 'web surf' of 2011, wherein I pass on links I hope others might find of interest.

It's a short list to post here at year's end, but as we head out of a year that saw the ending of our presence in Iraq while our troops continue to fight on in Afghanistan...these seemed like important posts/stories to make you aware of, and for us all to reflect upon.

First, Rajiv Srinivason posts  For Anne

Paul Franklin passes on  The eyes that reveal the trauma of war

from MassLive.com  comes
War photographer Anja Niedringhaus' journey to locate injured Marine she comforted in Afghanistan

and lastly, from the Army/Live blog  'He was just a baby'

That's the surf!

Looking forward to passing on more in the coming year. Thank you, for reading these links I pass along.

God bless our Troops!
and may His Comfort and Peace surround the loved ones of those whom we have lost,and those who continue to recover from injuries received in service to our country.

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