Sunday, February 19, 2012

Surfing the Web..

A 'surf' of the web to share stories I think others might find of interest...

I came across this story
71-year-old Former Marine Running Across Country on an ElliptiGO to Raise Money for Injured Marines

and wondered 'what's an ElliptiGO?  this is it  HERE ...Wow.

Airman Mom shares Home Depot Helping Wounded Warriors

Pete Damon checks back in after being silent for a time with I'm Back
and then posted a New Painting 2/6/12 that I'm totally in love with :)
Give yourself a treat, check out all his art

Soldiers Angels Germany posts an upcoming movie Recovering: The Film 
which I'm now looking forward to seeing,too!

Came across this powerful post at a 'new-to-me' blog My Muse shanked me
Invictus-7 February 1943

Are you following the  Afghan Blue III  blog? you should be, great posts!

Over 10 years after, Assoluta Tranquillita posts
Rest in Peace Karol Ann Keasler:New 9/11 Victim is Identified

Lastly, a Veteran at Some Things I Have Learned urges other Veterans to
Make the Connection    please pass the link on!

That's the surf! until next time..

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