Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Surfing the Web..

Been saving links from blog posts and stories to pass on since May, and yikes! suddenly it's June..so here, for you, are some links I'm hopeful you'll find interesting..

Toby Nunn has a nice blog post about a fishing trip with Wounded Warriors  here

Off the Base posted early in May A 'Former' Wounded Warrior and Silver Star Banner Day

I've been around the 'milblogging' world as a reader since back in '05..I think we 'old-timers',lol, tend to forget that folks who are just starting to read milblogs missed those early bloggers who blazed a path. One of them was Colby Buzzell  and The Sandbox reposted his essay
 My Father's War Pictures, and Mine

  This Ain't Hell,but you can see it from here is another milblog I follow, and one of their bloggers recently finished an embed in Afghanistan , here's his post  My Cover Story

I believe it was at CJ Chivers  The Gun (another blog worth following)  that I came across the news that Bowe Bergdahl's parents had set up a website  Bring Bowe Home   I cannot imagine what his parents must be going through, our thoughts and prayers continue for them and their son.

Letters of Note is a fascinating website and they recently featured a letter written by 19 year old Ernest Hemingway, after he was injured serving as an ambulance driver in World War One
The real heroes are the parents

A belated Welcome Home! to The Camouflage Keyboard

A blogger posts a link to a collection of British WW II newsreel clips Here

and lastly, Loving a Soldier posts Memorial Day for a Soldier's Son

That's the surf!

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