Friday, May 17, 2013

Stories In Uniform from Reader’s Digest : A Review

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Just in time for Memorial Day comes an uplifting collection from Reader’s Digest,
Stories In Uniform

Featuring pieces from World War I up to the War on Terror, the stories in this collection were inspiring and memorable. There were stories that brought me to tears, stories that made my heart swell with pride that our country could produce such people, and stories that left me in awe at the heroism of the men and women who served in our United States military over the years.

It was truly an unforgettable collection, and I highly recommend it to my readers. Whether you are currently serving, a veteran, or a military family member or supporter of our troops? I think this book has something that will interest everyone.

The link to the Reader’s Digest store is Here and there are links to some of the major booksellers on that site, also.

Enjoy your reading!
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