Thursday, July 10, 2014

Patriot Guard Rider mission in June

Way late in posting this, but back on June 7 we were finally able to participate in a
Patriot Guard Rider mission..this was a happy one, escorting wounded warriors with
  Project Healing Waters to a fly fishing invitational at Mossy Creek

We got up Way earlier than I would ever normally get up on a Saturday off work,lol, and of course we don't have a bike, we put our car flags on our 'cage' as they call it

                                  and joined the other riders

getting ready to head out

None of the videos I took turned out :(  We ended up bringing up the rear of the caravan, but I do think some of the pictures below show just how awesome it is to see one of these escorts! The town of Bridgewater had up a welcome sign

and flags lining the street

  and these pictures are after the escort has ended, when everyone continued to the end of the road after the Project Healing Waters vans had turned off.

It's been too long since we've been able to go on a Patriot Guard mission, and it was so wonderful to be part of this one! :)
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