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Hemanth Kumar Puttur


2,996....I Remember....Hemanth Kumar Puttur

                 "His memory is our inspiration.His ideals are our concern."

Puttur,Hemanth Kumar   Died in the World Trade Center on September 11,2001  (His age at his death has been listed as either 26 or 28 years old)

From this  Memorial Page comes this Family Tribute:

Mr. P. Hemanth Kumar, the loving son of Shri. P. Ananda and Smt. P. Kusuma from India, was a rare breed of intelligence and commitment. With his simplicity, integrity, honesty, humility, transparency and Godfearing nature, Hemanth rose to become the most dependable and popular ambassador for WIPRO-BANGALORE within a brief span of four years after its takeover. Being "Puritan to the core", Hemanth carved out a niche for himself not only in the family circle but also in the society in general. He served at his best in Wipro and his contract tenure with Marsh Inc., through Wipro, was an era of progress and a saga of success.

(there are several different ways that Hemanth's name is listed online,his surname "Puttur"  is the name of his village in India)

On this   website  is a beautiful tribute written in 2006.......excerpts from the website:

"Hemanth Kumar was the proud son of Shri. P. Ananda and Smt. P. Kusuma of Puttur, a town 30 miles away from Mangalore. ... Hemanth's father says - a few days before the tragedy, Hemanth called home and wanted to take him and his wife to US on holidays. Hemanth's wish was fulfilled, not to join him for a holiday but to pay homage to him."

Hemanth's father Anand, a simple yet humble man is a tailor by profession and owned a small tailoring shop, through which they made their living. His desire was to give all his three children good education. Hemanth was the youngest among sibship of three. He has one sister Seema P and a brother Prashanth Kumar."

"Hemanth did his pre-university education at St. Philomena College after attending Mai de dues, a local school in Puttur. Hemanth knew there was no way his father, who had already incurred debt just to put his two elder children into college, could afford the 'donations' to secure admission to his younger sibling. Hence, it was a vital need and worked extra hard at the pre-university level to ensure he got a merit seat in college. Due to his hard work and determination Hemanth secured first class with distinction and found a seat in the Kauruji Venkatramana Gowda Engineering College in Sullia, about 20 miles away from Puttur. 

After graduation in 1995, he worked for a software firm in the Information Technology Center of Bangalore. He joined Wipro in 1997. His job at Wipro, ended up traveling around the world, handling the robust company's clients in Britain and the US.

Hemanth arrived in New York in July 2001, and was appointed as a Database Manager at Marsh and McLennan. As a highly conscientious and hardworking man, he was in the habit of getting to work well before 8 a.m. - hence, he was at his desk, when American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the North Tower at 8:46 a.m

Anand says that Hemanth's loss has left a gaping void in his family's life, which, otherwise, remains unchanged even despite the compensation that they have received ........ He was on his way to a great success and many dreams yet to be fulfilled which remains unfulfilled… Anand's voice breaks off, and his eyes glaze over in grief. 

Hemanth carved out a niche for himself not only in the family circle but also in the society in general. He had a rare quality of intelligence and commitment, with his simplicity, integrity, honesty, humility, transparency and God-fearing nature. 

(There is much more on  the website tribute ,including photos of some beautiful memorial's that Hemanth's family has used their compensation money to erect in his honor )


This tribute to one life lost on September 11th is part of the  2,996  blog initiative.
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