Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kickstarter Project for a Children's Book

I was contacted recently by this sailor   Swashbuckling Sailor 

He'd stumbled on my (sorely neglected) blog here, and wanted to share with me, and ask me to share with my readers, that he'd written a story for young military children.

There's a story about it here on Stripes Japan 

It's called  "Father is Always With Me" and while it's available on Amazon for the Kindle,
he's also started a Kickstarter campaign to attempt to get the funding to put the book into print.

Check him out, the Kickstarter page is  HERE   See what you think, donate as you feel led, and also please help spread the word for him if you can.

Thanks for contacting me, Emmanuel, this seems like a great idea for a book, and I wish you luck!

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