Friday, December 14, 2007

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My weekly post with a Sampling of what's out there in the blogosphere by,and about,

Soldiers Angels

In the News

Soldiers Angels Network (which is a great place to find out stories in the news about Soldiers Angels) had this story posted earlier this week

JCC students 'adopt' a soldier]Indy

Across the Ocean

From Soldiers Angels Germany comes two posts Going Home
and Clark-Wells Wedding at BAMC

Willie posts appreciation on A German-American Friendship Bracelet

In the USA

Soldiers Angels Texas told about Pearl Harbor Remembered,66 years later

Tanker Brothers passed on a press release From Nashville,TN

"New-to-me" Angels

Politically Incorrect and Loving It urged folks to Be an Angel..Adopt a Soldier

and Generic Blog has adopted Two soldiers! Hurray!

Utterz for Our Troops

Don't forget this program Utterz for our troops and have joined with Utterz com
to give everyone a new way to send good wishes and holiday greetingsto our service men and women. To create a good wishes/holiday greeting for our troops, follow
these simple steps.

Utterz will make donations to Soldiers' Angels for each person who does!


And lastly, Life in the Northeast , as she does every Sunday, posted Remember


That's it for the sampling of this week's past postings. This meme will be on hiatus next week, as we're traveling to the 'Great White North' to celebrate the holidays with family! :)

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