Monday, November 23, 2009

Military Monday

While I don't 'tweet', I'm aware that Monday is designated as "militarymonday" on Twitter.
A search on Twitter brings up some of the tweets using that hashtag here

Friend and fellow Soldiers Angel member and blogger Greta is one of the founding forces of #militarymon (she still blogs, however, both here and here , and she's got a new gig over at RightPunditsMedia YouTube channel )

My friend JP at who is also greatly enamoured of tweeting on Twitter :) is continuing to blog,also, thank goodness (for dinosaurs like me,lol, who just can't make that jump into tweeting...I have enough trouble thinking what the heck to say on my Facebook status, for pete's sake :) and he put up a nice post Nov.9
My 10 Favorite Experiences as a Military Blogger

Whether it's through blogging or Soldiers Angels ......supporting the military has brought so many unexpected blessings into my Own life, also, that I wanted to write a post supporting #militarymon

even though I don't 'tweet' :)

and to say how Thankful I am, for those who are currently serving, and those who are veterans, not only during this Thanksgiving week, but every day.
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