Sunday, November 01, 2009

Soldiers Angels VALOUR IT Web Surfing


A 'surf' of the web for posts related to the Valour IT fundraiser

Nice Deb had the same idea, check out her post Project Valour IT News and Links

The Daley Gator weighed in for the Marine Team with
Your Valour IT Marine of the Day

and Miss Ladybug blogs Nolan Ryan is Helping Support Valour IT

For Team Navy,from the USNI blog Valour IT: Giving in Action

and View From the 8th Floor is blogging posts every day (and also has the Navy blogroll on her sidebar)

Soldiers Angels New York posted Why I Like the Air Force

and sometimes,LOL, it just gets silly........Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive posted
Navy Brings out SEALS to Support Valour IT

and Mudville Gazette had the Valour IT Trick or Treat

There's lots more out there, this is just a sampling......

the Navy blogs are also listed at the bottom of the page at the link to join the Navy Team here

the Air Force blogroll is listed at the page to join the AF team here

the Marine's blogroll is listed on the Marine Team sign-up page here

and the Army Team's blogroll is listed at the Only page you really need to sign up your blog at,

While I'm partial to the Army:) go check out All the blogs listed that are participating in this 'Virtual Fundraiser''s a great way to get introduced to some bloggers you might not otherwise have come across....and you Might be able to leave a snarky comment or two on a competing Team's post,LOL.
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