Monday, April 12, 2010

(I Missed the) 2010 Milblog Conference....

so, fo course, Garry Trudeau had attended this year....dang it! wrong year to have a work conflict with the conference schedule,sigh.
(and if you're wondering why Mr. Trudeau would attend a milblog conference? go check out
The Sandbox )

I have not yet found time to watch all of the live stream video from YouServed of the conference , just bits and pieces of it, because I was also 'surfing' around looking for blog posts about the conference this morning....just wanting to see what folks were saying after the fact....(or,catching bits of some posts that were put up During the conference, but I wasn't on the computer much this weekend,either)

JP over at says
Fifth Annual Official Milblog Conference a Huge Success (with more posts to come)

My dear Angel friend over at View From the 8th Floor put up posts Here , and Here and Here and Here

Small Wars Journal had This to say and Wings Over Iraq had a Wrap-Up post

There's a mention on the ArmyLive blog, Blackfive had a Semi-Live post with updates,
and Homefront 6 posted Here and several other posts.

I'm sure there's more to come, and I still want to finish watching the video coverage.....but just wanted to pass these tidbits along! for others like me who didn't get to go.......or for those of you who are still saying 'what's a 'milblog'?"

If you go check out you'll see the 'milblogs' aren't just blogs written by those currently serving in the military, but also by veterans, and troop supporters, and spouses, and little blog here fit into the 'milblog' umbrella at first because I was a 'troop supporter' as a volunteer with Soldiers Angels and then later because I became a military step-mom,also.

The 'milblog' community has bloggers who are a Lot smarter than myself,ROFL.....but it's a community that it's a privilege to be a part of.....and for all the reasons why it was such a bummer to have missed the Fifth Annual conference, go watch the live stream video , which is what I'm off to finish doing now! :)
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