Friday, April 09, 2010

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


While everyone else (it seems) in the Milblog world is at the
2010 Milblog Conference

since I couldn't make it this year, I can at least do some blogging while I'm sitting home:)

so, another 'surf' of the web for news/posts by and about
Soldiers Angels

First off, she's been a Soldiers Angel for 5 months, but Adrie of Adrie's Corner is putting up some great blog posts about Soldiers Angels....such as
Soldiers Angels-What We're About


Care packaging 101: Pt 1

(for someone like myself, who's been in Soldiers Angels for 5 years now? it's refreshing and renewing, to see enthusiasm like Adrie's..... reminds me all over again, why I joined, and why I still am 'Angeling'........keep it up, Adrie! and 'Happy Angeling':)

From the Cleveland Daily Banner , comes an update about residents at Morningside of Cleveland, I posted a link to an article about them in a previous web surf
Morningside residents adopt, correspond with two soldiers

A Major's Perspective sends a shout-out to Bake Me A Wish and Soldiers Angels
Bake Me A Wish Birthday Cakes

(and we sent one of these to Our Army MP through Soldiers Angels for his 21rst birthday, celebrated during his deployment to Iraq, and he said it was wonderful,also!)

Willie from A German-American Friendship Bracelet has great pics on her post
Good Friday 2010 at Fisher House Landstuhl

and,lastly, Jeff Bader,posting at Toby Nunn's Briefing Room , has great pics of
Sassy (the new Soldiers Angels Support Center )

That's the surf!
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