Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy (Belated) Blogiversary to my little blog :)

Ironically, I missed my own anniversary ('blogiversary') of when I first began blogging..which was
 March 5, 2006

The  original incarnation  of my current blog started out on AOL Journals, which AOL shut down in Oct. 2008. It's hard to describe how very lucky I was to have had the experience to begin blogging on the Journals, as the blogging community there was a tightly-knit and friendly community,calling themselves
"J-Land" .  It was a wonderful place to be introduced to blogging, as everyone was so supportive of each other, and I began numerous online friendships there in 'J-Land' that continue to this day.

While I also found the wider community of  'milbloggers'  to be Just as supportive and friendly, I think being lucky enough to have that initial positive start to blogging in J-Land is one of the reasons that I'm still around  blogging today, 5 years later  :)  The bloggers there were always respectful of each other, and taught me all the 'good manners' of blogging etiquette by example. Thank You,J-Landers!

An anniversary (when you remember it,lol) is not only a time to celebrate, but is usually also a good time to look back on the original event that you are celebrating. I wanted to start blogging initially to spread the word about supporting the troops in general, and about  Soldiers Angels  in particular.  As with so many things in life, I had no idea of the gifts blogging would bring to my life when I started out on this journey.

Blogging has brought me some other pieces of my family history, for when I blogged about my
 Grandfather's service in WW II  I was contacted by the son of a shipmate of my Grandfather McNulty's, and when I blogged about my Uncle's Service in WW II I was contacted by the Regimental Historian for my Uncle's unit, and in both cases my family and I learned more about their service to our country during that time..which is priceless.

 I've been blessed to be able to meet a number of the people I first came to know online, in person, by attending several Milblogging conferences over the years, and also by volunteering at different events in support of our troops..and also been blessed to meet other folks at those events whom I've continued to stay in touch with,too.

Surprisingly, I was asked a few times to blog on other people's blogs, or for other organizations (I say 'surprisingly' because I always operate under the assumption that there's only about 10 people who ever read my blog, lol, and they probably came across me by accident in the first place :) and while some of them never came to anything, I've stayed on for awhile now with the crew over at Hooah Wife & Friends

And, mostly, blogging is just something I've come to love..I get to share what I wish to with the worldwide web via my own little forum here, and while I'll never be an 'A-List Rockstar' blogger, I'm very happy with my little blog and all it has brought to my life:)

So, Happy Belated Blogiversary! to my blog, and here's looking forward to many more anniversaries...which hopefully, I'll actually remember on the Date ! :)

And Thanks, to all those who stop by to read here!!!

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