Monday, June 21, 2010

More information about Staff Sgt. John W.( "Bill") Daley

As promised previously, here's a little more information I received about the service of my Dad's brother, Staff Sgt. "Bill" Daley

from the webmaster of the  87th Infantry Division Legacy Association

 "S/Sgt John W. Daley (716 15th Ave, Middletown, Ohio) was in Company I of the 346th Infantry Regiment. Rifle companies had the highest number of casualties an infantry division because they were the “tip of the sword”, so to speak. Another man in Company I was killed the same day as your uncle. He was Sgt Stanley L. Seavert of Fargo, ND.

The regiment’s mission during this time was to attack, capture, and hold the town of Tillet, Belgium.

The next day, 7 Jan 1944, two more men from your uncle’s company were killed. One was
 S/Sgt Curtis Shoup, and he was the only member of the 87th Division to be awarded the
 Congressional Medal of Honor (posthumously)."
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