Friday, June 04, 2010

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


It seems about time to pass on another 'surf' of the web,
for news and posts by, and about,
Soldiers Angels

There were several posts by 'Angel bloggers' regarding Memorial Day

View From the 8th Floor posted
Sometimes it really is a small world

Soldiers Angels-Medical Support wrote about
Memorial Day 2010 - a Visit to the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

and while this touching post wasn't about Memorial Day per se,
it does involve a moving glimpse of a Gold Star family
from Soldiers Angels Germany
"Most of us will go pro in something other than sports"

some other news worth passing on,
from Soldiers Angels Missouri  Heart and Soul for Struggling Vets

and this story from the Logan Banner involves an 'Angel'
and a bicyclist I've posted about before
Texas man cycling for charity rides through W.Va.

That's the surf!
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