Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surfing the Web..

Time for another 'Surfing the Web' post, my new series that points out items I think folks may find of interest :)

First up, from  Army Strong Stories (and I hope you have that site bookmarked, because there are great posts there all the time!) comes an excellent post Care Package Guide for Deployed Soldiers straight from a deployed soldier!

Speaking of 'new series',  Airman Mom has started a new series, also, well worth checking out
Somebody's Son... she says on the first post in the series:
 "Posts on Fridays will consist of random photos of our Troops.

If there is one message I wish to convey to all who take time to visit this blog... every single Airman, Soldier, Sailor and Marine has a face.These brave men and women have families who cherish them.Our warriors have a hometown...somewhere.
They are Somebody's Son."

and on the second  Somebody's Son.. post, she invites others to share in this new series
"If there is a face, you would like me to post...please pass along an e-mail. Please feel free to post a 'Somebody's Son' on your blog...and make sure to link AirmanMom! Imagine how many faces we can share on a single Friday! "

Last Saturday, Assoluta Tranquillita posted a tribute for the passing of the last WW I survivor
RIP Claude 'Chuckles' Choules

I have a longtime blogger friend who also posts remembrances of the WW I Fallen,such as
Remembering today -13 May
and he has been doing so for years.'Never Forget' is more than just a slogan for some.

This next was a 'must-read' post with a 'must-see' video (IMHO) over at Blackfive
Teenagers Our Secret Weapon for Afghanistan

Hat tip to Chuck for posting about this one A Long Awaited Justice 5/10/11
it is the auctioning of a painting by a wounded Iraq war veteran to benefit Homes For Our Troops
The auction ends May 18th , so Hurry!if you wish to get in on that..but then do be sure to check out
Sgt. Damon's blog  further!

Off the Base is Reaching Out to Children of Imprisioned Iraqi Women  and the goal is to have donations collected, packed and mailed out by June 1 passes on word of a contest to find the Top 25 Military Family Blogs  by May 25

Lastly, an upcoming documentary of World T.E.A.M. Sports 2010 Sea to Shining Sea bicycle ride has a trailer here on YouTube

and a documentary that wishes to be, check out  Healing Waters on Kickstarter 

That's the 'surf'!

by the way, if you come across a post or article that you'd like to see considered for inclusion in one of these posts? please email me at kasee60(at)gmail(dot)com with the link :)

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