Friday, June 10, 2011

3 days left to support the "Healing Waters" documentary

UPDATE: Yay! they met their goal!!

The project posting on Kickstarter shows a little under $9,000.00 left to meet the goal of $48,000.00 by Monday June 13th.
You can support the making of this documentary film for as little as ONE just make your pledge on Kickstarter and the money is only subtracted via your payment method IF the project reaches it's goal.

With the power of social media today, I just keep thinking 'surely we can pass this along to 9,000 folks to kick in a dollar apiece?' before the Monday deadline?

To learn  more about  Project Healing Waters

Please, let's spread the word and help get this documentary film started on it's way.

 Steve Hasty says on the Kickstarter page that he is "not taking any money from Project Healing Waters to produce the film...the money raised on Kickstarter will go directly towards production costs on the film.."

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