Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It is Indeed a 'Small World"

Back in June Paul Franklin had a post up Aid Workers that have fallen in Afghanistan , and what struck me about the list was that of the 43 people on the list? Two of them had ties to our area ,,
and Brian Carderelli was from this area.

Another name on the list, Linda Norgrove , was from the area of  a longtime blogger friend 'across the pond' at Atlantic Lines ..

the world is indeed, much smaller than we realize sometimes. And you sometimes never know which of your neighbors may have felt a special calling to serve others somewhere in this world of ours.

One young woman whom I've never met but who is the daughter of someone well known in the milblogging world, has been on a trip to serve her fellow man in Ghana, and she recently posted one of the most heartwrenching posts I've read in a long time  Northside is a spa(my week at Ridge Hospital)

her trip to serve is almost over now, but do take the time to go back and read her entire blog

and God bless those who feel called to go out and serve.

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