Sunday, July 10, 2011

Surfing the Web..

Although I spent the month of June saving various links to pass along that I thought might be of interest, I somehow just never got around to posting and suddenly, it's July! Sorry about that, here are some links I think you might like to check out..enjoy the 'surf' :)

A documentary that is a 'work in progress' about the special challenges facing disabled female veterans as they transition from active duty to civilian life  Service

From Paul Franklin I was led to the Canadian War Museum War + Medicine exhibit website
..extraordinarily interesting.
As a nurse myself (and a 'Kathryn":)..I was particularly moved by the story of  Nurse Katherine Macdonald

I have been remiss in not passing on sooner that the gentleman who was blogging his grandfather's WW I experiences at WWI: Experiences of an English Soldier has been struggling with ill health and his daughter has stepped up to blog on her father's health struggles. You might wish to stop by for updates and to send a message of support WW I: Experiences of an English Soldier

Back on June 3 Surfing Surgeon Stuck in the Sand posted a sad and moving post
 Sorrow and Strength after a long silence..another long silence followed until this July 4th post Stuff
I don't know where the blogging will be going from here for him, but certainly we can continue to keep he and those with him on the frontlines there in our thoughts and prayers at the very least, I would hope.

Also on the 4th of July, I believe one of the most moving posts I saw up for the holiday came from
Power Point Ranger  4th of July

Airman Mom has her new Friday series continuing, this past Friday was Somebody's Daughter

Pax down(under) at Marion's Meepings is having a Caption Contest  (and I personally can't think of a good caption, but I remain assured after seeing the pic that I Never want to try a 'mush stick',lol.)

and lastly, I just like this post..I'm not a military wife who constantly moves (and only remember vaguely two military moves from my childhood) .. but Planting Shade has a beautiful post up Constantly Moving Home

That's the 'surf'!..until next time!
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