Sunday, August 21, 2011

Remembering J-Land

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the now-defunct AOL blogging platform, which was affectionately known as "J-Land" (for  "AOL Journals" )
As I've said before, I was extraordinarily lucky, I think, to begin my blogging on the AOL Journals platform, as it was an online community filled with many wonderful people and they were always willing to pass on advice and helpful hints to the 'newbies'.
This blog wouldn't exist today if it wasn't for that start.
While this blog falls under the category of a 'milblog' (related to the military, for the most part)the nice thing about the J-Land community was that it was small enough that I was exposed to all sorts of different blogs in the very beginning, and many different styles of writing.

When AOL shut down the 'Journals' program in 2008 and many of the bloggers made the switch to the Blogger platform, the community of "J-Landers" foundered for awhile, but a core group kept in touch and many bloggers who migrated to Facebook have over the past few years found each other again. The picture above about 'guiding friendships across the world" is So true for that small community of bloggers...I have been fortunate enough to actually meet one of the former J-Land bloggers in person, and my life has been enriched ever since 2006 with many online friendships that have continued ever since those early days of "J-Land" blogging.

So here's to those J-Land beginnings, and the friendships that it fostered :) Thank you! for the start you gave to my blogging career, and the many wonderful people that you brought into my life!

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