Monday, August 01, 2011

Surfing the Web

Time for another 'surf' of posts I think you might find of interest out there on the ole World Wide Web..

via The Sandbox  comes Good Things Will Happen  , one of the most gracious 'Thank You's' I've ever seen written....and even if you don't like hip hop? I think you'll enjoy  Joe Roos' video  Troop
I sure did! (and how in the heck had I missed that before? only a little under 13,000 views on the RedBulls channel, really? another video that should be going viral, for whatever this granny's opinion is worth :) and if you're interested ,Joe's blog is The Average Joe

for more things 'Red Bull' (and it's Not the drink, y'all).. from Charlie Sherpa at Red Bull Rising 

moving on 'down under' to Australia, Pax at Marion's Meepings announced her Caption Contest Winner from the contest I had linked in a previous Surfing the Web (although 'winner' may be a term used loosely in this case,lol )

Milbloggie Winner I'm big in Japan checked in briefly after a Long Hiatus.... 

The Olmsted Scholar over at Traveler of Morocco writes about Monkey Business

Consul at Arms II highlighted a good post (with his own accompanying remarks)

I read the individual blog posts and links from Laughing Wolf over at B5 and Concrete Bob while the latest from Cooking With The Troops was going on in July, Laughing Wolf has the round-up of all the links at
An Amazing Time at BAMC  DO take the time to read everyone's posts about these events!!

(I've had the privilege of meeting both LW and Bob a number of times--although I think Bob is never really sure who I am?lol, I just say .."Z-list blogger"..and I just want to say that it is so extraordinarily cool to see the amazing way these guys have taken a dream and made it into the reality of Cooking With the Troops ! )

Via Off the Base was a story about a program I hadn't heard of before

and lastly,
this post was making the rounds in the milblogging and mil-spouse circles recently,
a sobering reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that can be made by those who choose to serve, and their families 
(you will need tissues)

That's the 'surf', until next time..

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