Saturday, October 01, 2011

Surfing the Web..

my dear faithful apologies for the long stretches without posting on the blog lately, I'm continuing to recover well from my recent surgery, but don't always find it comfortable to sit for long stretches at the computer (plus I've been having some computer 'issues' off and on,sigh) any rate, just before my surgery got moved up two weeks earlier than originally scheduled, I had bookmarked a few things to pass along in a 'Surfing' post, and I'm just now getting to finally passing them on to you. Thank you, for continuing to check in here, and...enjoy the 'surf'!

via The Seattle Times  I came across Help Bring Leonidas Home from Afghanistan
and you might also wish to check out The Puppy Rescue Mission

from The New York Times Lens blog, a powerful, powerful story
Joao Silva:"This is what I do, this is all I know"

via PRI's The World  I found the website for a new documentary  Where Soldiers come From  that follows a group of young men from Michigan who joined the National Guard together and were deployed..the film follows them for 2 years, including after they come home.

speaking of documentaries, The Kitchen Dispatch passes on the word that
Restrepo Wins the Emmy

A gem of a blog that I've been following for awhile, Marion's Meepings
has a post up celebrating  Pax's 200th Blog Post and a prize  go check it out, she's offering a lovely prize and the contest is open till Oct.8th!

Airman Mom has a son who will be deploying soon, please stop by and offer words of support

JP over at posted the word about Warbird Doctor Military Blog from A-stan
a new 'must-read' blog to follow

via Missouri Soldiers' Angels  I was alerted to Operation Walk USA

lastly, via ABC News Ft. Hood Shooter's Cousin Speaks Out against Violent Extremism 
and here is the website for The Nawal Foundation

That's the 'surf'..until next time!

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