Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Farewell to a Marine..

Was saddened to see the news today of the passing yesterday of 'Seamus' Garrahy

via World TEAM Sports The Passing of the Guard: World TEAM Sports honors Corporal Seamus Garrahy

from Marcus at YouServed  In Memoriam: Jim 'Seamus' Garrahy

I'm not even sure I ever had more than a 'hello' with Mr. Garrahy....but every year that my daughter and I volunteered with World TEAM sports Face of America bike ride  when we would head towards "Seamus' house" (as everyone referred to it) in Gettysburg to set up for the end of the ride, when you'd see his house on the hill

it always felt to me like 'coming home', because he and his family were always so warm and welcoming, and it just seemed like a fitting place to cheer the riders in, and then relax with them all as they partook of the food and fellowship at the end of the ride.

I never realized until I read some of these other tributes in how many other ways besides the bike ride Seamus was involved in the support of his brother Marines. Farewell, to a truly good and honorable man, and Marine. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

In 2009 at the end of the Face of America bike ride, my daughter was taking a video and there was a guy who just showed up with his bagpipes and said he wanted to 'pipe the riders in'.....in honor of Seamus, I leave you with that video....Godspeed and God bless,Sir.

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