Thursday, January 26, 2012

Surfing the Web

Where I pass on items I find in my 'surfs' around the web..

From the Lancaster Eagle Gazette, a nice story
Soldier sends flag to pen pals at Lancaster school

and from WDAM in MS
Camp Shelby soldiers star in a movie to save lives

Red Bull Rising has a  Book Review: Until Tuesday

and over at Blackfive, Robert Stokely has a movie review that is oh so much more than just a review..Movie Review: Warhorse

blogger J.P Raab announces Radio Silence

and the Star Telegram announces that
Soldier stopovers at DFW Airport to end

Assoluta Tranquillita passes the word that the
DOD launches website for military kids

and if you haven't watched the USO Invisible Wounds videos,please do take time to check them out.

lastly, I'm a little late in passing this on, but here's the
2011Video of the Year winners  from the Coast Guard Compass blog

That's the surf!

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