Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

Pausing to remember that on this day 11 years ago, so many people boarded a plane or went to work..and never came home again, victims of terror attacks that changed our world.  Holding their loved ones in our hearts and prayers.

Over the years, I've posted remembrances of a few of those who were lost that day..

Thomas Burnett,Jr

Rick Rescorla

and through the 2996 project the past several years, I learned more and posted remembrances about

Jonathan Cappello

John Salamone

Jerry Moran

Yuguang Zheng and Shuyin Yang

Catherine Gorayeb

Robert Fazio,Jr

Hemanth Kumar Puttur

Adal Agayby Zakhary

We will Never Forget

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