Saturday, September 22, 2012

Surfing the Web..

Returning after a summer hiatus to pass on links I hope you might find of interest..

from Paving the Road Back comes this powerful post
'The Ghost of my Innocence"

Over at Blackfive, Laughing Wolf posts that he's Preparing for an Embed,Part 1

and if you don't know who Laughing Wolf is? he's one of the founders of
Cooking with the Troops (among Many other things)

which leads me to this great post by ConcreteBob, the other founder of Cwtt
We Came; We Cooked; We Fed (About 150 Soldiers & Family Members)

In case you missed it? Soldiers Angels Germany passed along
Quadruple amputee SSG Travis Mills fulfills promise: Greets his combat unit at homecoming

The Gold Star Mom at Knottie's niche is about to dedicate a post office in her son's memory,
you can read about what she wishes to do that day(Oct 23) at
Full Disclosure..Honoring Pokey and All the Fallen

Red Bull Rising suggests milblogs to read on
Dispatches from Blogistan

and speaking of the Red Bulls , my Mom sent me the link to this story from the StarTribune
Anoka County war hero John Kriesel finds two heroes of his own

Lastly,can't remember how I came across this blog? but it's well worth checking out
Expeditionary Lawyer

That's the surf! until next time..

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