Monday, February 25, 2013

Banners needed for the 2013 Face of America bike ride!

This year, I will again be collecting banners to use at the 2013 Face of America bike ride 
The banners are hung along the ride at rest stops and lunch stops to cheer the riders along with messages of support.

 If you, or a group that you know, would be interested in making and donating a banner to be used at the bike ride, please email me with the subject line Banner to  

 Here are the instructions we've used in the past for how to make banners :)

Making a banner can be very simple or very elaborate. we will describe the simplest and most inexpensive versions and you can go from there.
Materials needed:
ONE light-colored pillow case (e.g., white, yellow, powder blue)

ONE light colored cotton T-shirt (M-XL)


ONE Light colored twin sheet

ONE package of multicolored Sharpie (or any type of) permanent markers (maybe two pkgs if you’re doing a sheet!)


Tubs of tempera paints(a couple bright colors) and paint brushes/sponges, plus permanent markers for folks to sign their names

NOTE: Many fluorescent colors and yellow do not show up well on light colored fabric; select paint/marker colors that have a high contrast with banner fabric.

Optional: Stencils from a craft store to help sketch out the letters in pencil before using the permanent markers or paints (or use stencils to trace and cut out fabric letters)

NO, NOs (please!):

No poles or sticks (hard to transport; all banners will be hung from clothesline or fences, etc)

No paper (gets soggy and tears in rain and morning dew)

No glossy photos (get soggy and tear in rain and morning dew)

Fabric banners are best because they are easiest transport and to secure to ropes and fences with clothes pins or safety pins.

With your pens or whatever, decorate your banner with a simple wish, or cheer, or message of thanks or encouragement and then anyone and everyone can sign their name. J

If your banner will be from a group, I recommend writing the group name along one edge, left or right (across the bottom is less good as that part may drag the ground). Signatures can go all over!

DEADLINE: The banners must be received by Tuesday, April 23,2013.

This year's bike ride will be April 26-28 and we want to make sure we get it in time to take it to the bike ride!

Thank so much! if you or your group would like to send a banner to help support the riders Participants include many disabled veterans, along with currently active military and retired military. Active duty service and emergency response men and women also join hundreds of able-bodied citizens who ride together.
Please feel free to pass the word along about this!


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Reposted - and email is on the way.

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