Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dancing with My Daddy by Valery Murphy: A Book Review

                                                  Dancing with my Daddy by Valery Murphy

This book examines the author's relationship with her father, a World War II British veteran whom she  came to realize  suffered from what we now call PTSD. The story is framed in the larger context of how a daughter's relationship with her father affects her relationship with a Heavenly Father.

What struck me strongly in reading this book was when Valery wrote of her father's struggle with his wartime scars from a child's point of view. We read so much today about PTSD as it affects veterans, yet here is a story of how it also affects those too young to even realize what is affecting them at the time, and why.

 Valery was eventually able to forgive her father for how his struggles affected she and her family as she grew ,and establish a relationship with a loving God. She wrote this book so that other women  would see how she came to that point in her own life, and perhaps be able to find such a relationship for themselves.

At the end of each chapter are some suggestions for thought,and some Bible verses and a prayer. This book would be an excellent study book not only for an individual woman, but perhaps a women's Sunday school or Bible study group.

A very thought provoking book. My thanks for the opportunity to review it.

This book was offered for review on the Hooah Wife and Friends blog where I post at times, and I'm cross-posting my review here.

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