Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A Vietnam Veteran begins to find peace

Awhile back, I was contacted by a Vietnam veteran because of a post I had written back in 2006 on the original version of this blog about my aunt's service in Vietnam
For My Aunt...a Thank You to an Army Nurse Corps Vietnam veteran

The veteran who contacted me was looking to see if my aunt could help him find a particular nurse, from when he had been cared for at the 91rst Evac.  Although she wasn't able to help him with his search, the veteran and I had exchanged a number of emails, and so I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from him after Thanksgiving, that he'd been featured in an article in his hometown newspaper.

With Mr. Baker's permission, I'm passing on the link to that article at
Finding Peace 45 years later by Corey Morris

as I think it's an important article to pass on. Until I saw this interview with Mr. Baker, it had never occurred to me that retirement for some Vietnam veterans could lead to them having to deal with lingering memories that they'd been able to suppress prior to their retirement.

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Although my aunt and I were unable to help Mr. Baker with the original reason he contacted us, as so often happens on the Internet, his contacting me led to my being privileged to converse with him and to have him share this article with me.

Thank you, Larry Baker, for contacting me...and thank you, always, for your service to our country!

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