Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Granite Men of Henri-Chapelle

I was privileged to receive 

for my birthday back in October (thanks,Mom! :)

This book featured the stories of 38 New Hampshire World War II soldiers buried in Belgium,one of those being her own uncle,  and it was a fascinating read about each soldiers life, both before the war and during their service in the military.

It meant a great deal to me because my own uncle is also buried in Belgium , and so the stories that Aimee was able to find out about the men could have so easily been about my uncle and the men who were buried with him,also. So I highly recommend this book!

Another reason I felt very privileged to receive this book was that it's written by someone I've 'known' online from way back to 2006, when I first 'met' Aimee while she was blogging, and began following her writing. She's an excellent author!
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