Saturday, January 09, 2010

A friend begins her journey as a Military Aunt

The original form of this blog began on AOL. The community of bloggers on AOL back then were tight-knit and there were many folks blogging there who went out of their way to help other new bloggers. Friendships were forged that have continued long after the blogs on AOL have disappeared, and one of those long time online blogger friends of mine from 'back in the day' is now going through the experience of being a military 'auntie'.

Friend Leslie from Quiet Consecration on Jan.4th attended the swearing-in ceremony for her nephew Ryan A New Year Begins

Just as I had no idea back when I posted my first blog post that I would eventually become a military stepmother, and our family would go through my stepson being deployed for 15 months to a very sandy place? Leslie had no idea as she blogged about her faith, life and sobriety that she would become a military Aunt, and begin the same journey my family and I have gone through these past few years....proud of a family member choosing to serve, and fearful at the same time because our country is at war.

Leslie was wonderfully supportive of me and mine, during my stepson's deployment. Please stop over at her blog , and offer a word of encouragement and welcome, to this new military Auntie.

Keeping Ryan, and you and your family, in our prayers, Leslie!
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