Monday, March 01, 2010

Face of America Bike Ride 2010-Banners Needed and Friends Riding:)

Once again, World T.E.A.M. Sports is holding the Face of America Bike Ride April 24th & 25th, this year beginning at the nation's capitol and riding to Gettysburg,PA.

Although it looks like I sadly won't be able to volunteer this year through Soldier's Angels to help out at the bike ride(due to work conflicts), what I Can do is at least pass the word along about needed items for the ride.

Banners Needed

From this page on Soldiers Angels website

Homemade Banners for Wounded Heroes comes the info about whom to contact to send along your banners.

Having been on the 'Banner Hanging Team" the past several years when I've volunteered? I've got several slide shows featuring or showing the banners, if you need ideas:) we've seen some great banners over the years, please consider sending some in this year!

Here's the links to slideshows 2009 Banners FOA and

Day One~2008 FOA Bike Ride and 2007 Face of America Bike Ride

Friends Riding

Got two friends riding this year on Chuck's Team Soldiers Angels (and Chuck would be Major Ziegunfuss of From My Position...On the Way! )

Greta, Angel Friend Extraordinaire:) and milblogger, has a donation page Here

(she rode with me in the car last year when I volunteered, and I'm not sure....did riding with me cause her to feel like riding in the bike ride would be Safer?LOL:)

and Blake , of Laughing Wolf and Cooking with the Wounded fame, has a donation page Here

Please help them out if you can, and please help spread the word about the Bike Ride!

Lastly, my daughter took a video last year at the end of the FOA 2009 Bike Ride, just wanted to share it again....this bike ride is an amazing event to be a part of!

(and if the embed doesn't work, the link to the video is Here )
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