Sunday, March 07, 2010

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


Been awhile since I did a Soldiers Angels web 'surf' post,
with news by and about, Soldiers Angels

With the revamping of the main Soldiers Angels website there are a lot more news stories featured there, and rather than repeat something you can find there, I try and look for links to 'Angels' or stories you may not have come across on the website.

However,two stories I'd particularly suggest for you to check out on the SA website are
The SA Warehouse & Unsuspected Grace


Life in the Letter Writing Team

A quite interesting blogger I came across is also a letter writer , as you can see on his post here
How To Be a Soldiers Angel

Came across several blog posts regarding Blankets and Wounded Soldiers, such as

We Need a Few Angels over at Citizen Sparta

and a post from Scrap Me with Style about Soldiers Angels Blankets of Hope Needed

Nice pics here from soldiers angels oregon
Rosewood VA Appreciation day

Lastly, as always, lovin' the Bikers and the Biker Fusion Event, nice write up here
2010 Daytona Bike Week Day 3 Report

and besides the awesome support for Soldiers Angels, read the story near the end of what was done by fellow bikers and friends for Romulo Camargo, who was wounded and his life altered forever while serving our country.

That's the 'surf', I'll see ya next time I've got some tidbits to share from around the web by and about Soldiers Angels :)
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