Saturday, April 02, 2011

Surfing the Web..

Since I continually run across blog posts and stories that I wish to pass on, going to try out a new feature on the blog..'Surfing the Web' highlight stories I think (all 10:) of my readers might like to check out. (isn't it fortuitous,lol, that I just happened to have a 'surfing' picture to use from one of our trips to Hawaii? rhetorical question, I just wanted to slip in a gratuitous use of the word fortuitous :)

via Mare Contrare at Write Softly you can check out this Veteran's Farm

Loved this story on the DOD website  Disabled Vets Discover Miracle on Mountain

From the Defense Centers of Excellence blog, good information to pass on
Care Coordinator Links Service Members with TBI Support

The wife of a wounded warrior blogs over at Southern Girl Stand

 moving overseas, I'm Big in Japan reports he is back to Normal Shifts
(but volunteering in his off time to help)

and recently JP over at had a post about Army Strong stories
and here's two posts over there that caught my eye this past week

Evaluating Your Leadership? Don't Look in the Mirror


Lessons on Training the ANA  (which reminded me a lot of things our soldier had said while he was doing the same job in Iraq a few years ago)

Well, that's the 'surf'! 

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