Thursday, April 07, 2011

Surfing the Web..

Here's a couple of my fave blogs to follow lately ..

Off The Base always has great posts,IMHO

and Surfing Surgeon Stuck in the Sand  (took over at the same base where The Sand Docs were serving)  is doing a cool series of posts introducing the 'team members' serving with him

moving on, this is interesting, in searching for blog posts about April 6th being the anniversary of the entry into WW I of the US, I came across this blog
The Land of Good Neighbors(C)-Benner Family, World War One, Canada

I've posted previously about this blog
WW I: Experiences of an English Soldier

and this is another WW I blog new to me
World War I: American Soldier's Letters Home

some random blog posts I thought worth mentioning were

Hachinohe Farm Clean Up from I'm Big in Japan

and this Olmsted scholar, Traveler of Morocco, posted Running Inspired in Rabat
which led me to check out Team Red, White and Blue

lastly, Levi Aho at Living My Dreams posted an update on his bicycle ride
Socorro,NM to the Valley of Fire and inbetween

That's the surf! have fun checking all the posts out!

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