Monday, April 25, 2011

Surfing the Web..

Time for another 'surf' around the blogosphere, to highlight blog posts and articles that I hope you find interesting:

this was a short, but powerful blog post from Canadian veteran Paul Franklin The value of time

One person making a positive difference..a nice story from

Today(April 25) is the start of the Warrior 100k ..a 3 day bike ride in Texas where 14 wounded servicemen and women who served in Irag and Afghanistan join former President George W. Bush in a 100 kilometer mountain bike ride.

An excellent blog I've recently come across My Yellow Ribbon  is also nominated for a Milbloggie  in the US Military Parent category..(and don't forget,voting for the Milbloggies is also due to start today!)

and the 'theme' for the remainder of this post seems to have evolved into 'remembering'..
the tragic losses of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros generated many blog posts, here are two of them

and from Gazing at the Flag Chris Hondros~A Remarkable Life

Today(April 25) is also ANZAC day, as one of my favorite Aussie bloggers points out
Marion's Meepings Lest We Forget

That's the 'surf''!

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