Sunday, April 01, 2012

Surfing the Web..

Wherein I pass along links I think others might find of interest, from my 'surfing' around the web..

United Conservatives of Virginia reminds us of Combat Veterans Running for Congress

( I recently followed Pete Hegseth during his deployment to Afghanistan, and if I lived in MN, I'd be voting for him! same goes for David Bellavia if I lived in New York!)

Laughing Wolf posts over at Blackfive about  An Unexpected Opportunity  for those wishing to support( one of my favorite charities!)  Cooking with the Troops

Marion's Meepings (an Aussie 'Angel' :) checks in with a March Catch-Up 

Charilyn recently posted a Nate Update  This woman is one of my Heroes, her faith and love and commitment is inspiring...if you don't know her son's story, read the whole blog. She blogs in part to'help spread the word about the consequences of untreated PTSD'.

News from Afghanistan

Mare Contrare (Write Softly) is embedded again in Aghanistan, and posts
Afghanistan Through My Eyes:Spc Weichel

Have you been following Ramblings from a painter ? check out Moving to Maiwand

and Old Blue has a post up at The Sandbox: Checking the Checkpoint

.. several posts about Military Working Dogs..

Off the Base reposts the Military Dog Picture of the Week  (and lots of great links in that post,too!)

and this story led me to another book I want  and also to this blog post on One Marine's View

and lastly,from  My Yellow Ribbon
 Until Tuesday Author,Luis Carlos Montalvan,Talks about his Incredible Service Dog

and that, my friends,is the 'surf'! until next time..

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