Sunday, April 29, 2012

Surfing the Web..

A 'surf' of the web for items I feel might be of interest....

I've always loved following 'military artist's blogs...and as this piece from rbportrait blog
Big Pine shows..there's so much more than 'just art' to be found on his blog.

I'd also like to recommend Flipping Tires from the same blog.

Charlie Sherpa of  Red Bull Rising posts  Coming Soon: A 'Red Bull' Feature Film

From the NYT blog At War interview with Gen.Patton's grandson,Benjamin
I was led to his website    I WAS THERE Film Workshops for Soldiers

From the blog Well,Happy and Safe, this post was interesting
Wartime Postmaster Details the Work of Mail Delivery in WW II

and on the same subject of mail, this article in Stars & Stripes
Letters Found during Iwo Jima battle tell an Uncle's story has gotten an enormous amount of mail out to our troops during the course of the wars, and they are having a fundraiser from now until July 4.

(hat tip to Major Pain of One Marine's View for posting the word about this)

It's too late for the print edition, but there's still time to post
Mother's Day messages online via Stars & Stripes

speaking of Mother's day, I finally registered for the Milblog conference! (which is the Friday and Saturday of that weekend) and am so excited to recently learn from this update that the guest speaker is going to be Scott Waugh, Producer/Director of Act of Valor !

well..that's the surf! until next time..

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