Saturday, July 05, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


My apologies, the SA Web Surf didn't appear last week, because I was quite busy with the Soldiers Angels Living Legends Team

There were 56 US casualty announcements sent out by the DOD for the month of June, 29 soldiers fallen in Iraq and 27 soldiers fallen in Afghanistan, and the Angels on the Living Legends Team worked diligently to support the families of each of them.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to each of those families.

On June 22, Life in the Northeast posted some of the names of those fallen soldiers in her Remember... post, and you can find out more about those soldier's lives at the Living Legends Team Fallen Heroes blog.


I am also in the process of making some changes in the Soldiers Angels Web Surfing.

While I have been posting 'news by and about' Soldiers Angels on a (mostly) weekly basis for over a year now,
with the advent of the Angels link, it is now possible for you to check out the major blog posts by members of Soldiers Angels anytime you wish.....( and you Are doing that,right? :)

So, I think my SA Web Surfing post is going to be evolving into something a little different....... now that you have that link to use as a source for Soldier's Angels news, I think I'll be featuring posts from that link Less on this Web Surf, and concentrate More on posting links that you might Not see featured at that link.

For instance, I often come across blog posts by members of Soldiers Angels like this Angel over at Bag Blog Another 4H Story , who starts out by posting about a T-shirt that her daughter received from her adopted soldier....go check it out, cool T-shirt :)

While she goes on to write about a 4H story? it is just always nice, I think, to run across other Angels, and what they are talking about, and see what kind of folks belong to Soldiers Angels......we 'Angels' come in all shapes and sizes, and are all over the world!

Another link I want to pass on, is the link to the blog of the most excellent 'Aunty Brat'......a tireless member of Soldiers Angels who hails from Canada,and has heretofore been blogging over at TankerBrothers while those fine soldiers were deployed.

They are home now,yay! and while 'Brat' will still continue to guest blog there, and also on Soldiers Angels New York ( and you can Also find her at NewsBlaze......hmmm,Greta? I think you might have some competition,lol, for someone else trying to 'take over the 'net') :)

'Brat' has, as I mentioned once before, started her own personal blog Assoluta Tranquillita ......go check it out, particularly a recent post about a comic strip that she wished to spread the word about.

Another interesting Soldiers Angels member that I've only recently come across is 'KJ', over here at Musings...while I stumbled across her blog because of that particular post, her whole blog is a great read, here's the main link for you to check out more.

In case you missed them at the BlogNetNews link? Willie at A German-American Friendship Bracelet has posted
Walter Reed Medical Center news and stories


Brooke Army Medical Center news and stories

Speaking of BAMC? I came across this link because of Soldiers Angels, in the, with an address to send cards to a recovering wounded soldier at BAMC, who is also being supported by SA
Wounded soldier recovering in TX

And check out this very interesting post at the many facets of donna, a member of the Soldiers Angels Wounded TLC team

Sadako Sasaki and 1,000 paper cranes

For more about sending mail to the troops? (in this case....emails) Soldiers Angels Louisiana reminds us that we have until July 10th to Send a Marine an email of Support

and View From the 8th Floor reposts her own email she sent
Don't know what to say to a Marine?

and then tells us *Still* need emails for those Sailors,too!

Lastly, the word is spreading about the Moment of Thanks website (sponsored in part by Soldiers Angels)

and you can see a video from our very own Laurie Martin,VP of SA, right HERE

I know I passed on a lot of links, but hope you can take the time to 'surf' and check them all out!
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