Thursday, July 24, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


My weekly 'surf' of the web, for news by and about Soldiers Angels

Last week was light surfing, LOTS of great links to pass on This week!

First up, two 'new-to-me' Angels, yay! always happy to come across new Angel sites :)

Over here at What's Up with the Marsh Fam , 'Momma' Marsh blogs about joining Soldiers Angels

and then coming across this post on Steph's Crop-Life Documented led me to this website Scrapping for Soldiers

Two! 'Meet and Greets'!

Penny Sandford blogged about the Mississippi one in A Mississippi Hero with two and four legs

and then Stacy at Keep My Soldier Safe, a/k/a G.R.I.T.S. blogged more on the same event at WOUNDED WARRIORS ARRIVED IN MISSISSIPPI

and in Texas, Texas Soldiers Angels posted about the Austin Area Angels have Meet and Greet

and there's also been some Houston VA Hospital Bingo going on in Texas :)

Soldiers Angels of Alabama told about a Local family welcomes one of their own Welcome Home! to Will and all the 'Waterdawgs'!

The Soldiers Angels Ladies of Liberty had the 62nd QM CO Commander- DeShaunda Reports in

This was a 'cool' story on the website Church helps soldiers stay cool

Soldiers Angels-Medical Support blogged Chaplain Bell Puts in "The Fix" at Bagram E/R

And Willie at A German-American Friendship Bracelet had

19.07.2008 news and stories around Soldiers` Angels


19.07.2008 wounded heroes news and stories

Life in the Northeast posted last Sunday for us to Remember...

and lastly, the Fayetteville, NC Observer posted about what was done by the widow of a fallen soldier, Sgt. Adam D. Quinn , with the tree that she was given by the Soldiers Angels Living Legends Team in this story

Tree honors husband, father By Meghan Cooke

That's the conclusion of the Soldiers Angels Web Surfing for this past week.
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