Monday, September 08, 2008

Project 2,996

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Having been one of the bloggers who has participated in Project 2,996 since 2006, I wanted to mention that it Is still going on this year, as you can see here
Project 2,996 in 2008

although only a handful of bloggers have signed up thus far
2008 List of Tributes

I happened to see an article in the paper today that suggests many people feel it's time to 'move on' from remembering those lost on September 11?

But I have found in being part of this project that just learning what you can about One life lost on September 11,2001 seems to make that person's life, and loss, a part of your heart ever afterwards.

And that, I believe, helps us to remain true to the words so many said after that day "Never Forget."

I have not forgotten those I previously posted about for 2,996

Jonathan Neff Cappello

Gerard(Jerry) P. Moran

John Patrick Salamone

Yuguang Zheng and Shuyin Yang

and this year on September 11 I will be posting about the life of someone else lost on that day, and will hold that person in my heart, and keep their family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.
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