Monday, September 22, 2008

A Short Round Up of Blog Posts about the 2008 Milblog Conference

While I'm sure more posts will surface in the next few days (as their blog writers 'surface' from recovery from partying on Friday night, judging by some of the pics floating around,lol)

I'm just going to try and do a quick post linking to some of them.

2008 Milblog Convention Links

Mudville Gazette had some good links up to other's posts There Will Be Stories

The guys at Blackfive have some posts up Here and Here

Soldiers Angels-Holly Aho weighs in with So You Missed the Milblog Conference...

Terri from A Soldier's Mind had extensive coverage

Matt Bernard from Veteran's Affairs had a good post up here

Francis Marion from Where I Stand! had the Obligatory Milblog Conference Post

Lt. Nixon Rants weighed in here

Toby Nunn had several good posts on his blog

Finally, JP from, who received numerous kudos for his speaking (and clothing choices,lol:) has only managed thus far to post This

and I had to go to Shelle over at Soldiers Angels Network to find out who won the Milbloggies !

That's the quick and dirty on the links thus far.
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