Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Our Care Package is ready to go out:)

Tony finished the last of his Christmas baking to put in Dustin's care package last night, and we're packing it up to send out tomorrow.

Tony is the 'baker' in our family....it's not that I Can't bake,lol....it's just that after all those years as a single father? this was His Christmas tradition, ever since Dustin was little, to bake the Christmas cookies and candy every year.

And he did it last year, and again this year, to send to Dustin, and those serving with him....I call it 'sending love' (which, like usual in this family with far too many boys,lol, made every male roll their eyes and go 'oh,geez', which means I've been too 'girly' :)

After seeing my friend Laini's post Hanukkah in Iraq

I said to Tony "aw,man! I should've taken pictures of the cookies, and peanut butter balls and potato candy while you were baking!"

And Tony gave me 'that look', and said "Once again......you thought of something just a Little too Late!" (as everything is already all packed up, and in the box,lol:)

So,no pictures.....but, our 'box of love' is ready to be mailed! :)
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